Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association of NSW INC.


The Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association is a voluntary organisation for parents who live in rural areas whose children:-

  • Attend a rural pre-school or access early childhood through a <st1:place w:st="on">Mobile service
  • Attend a small rural school
  • Attend Country Area Programme (CAP) funded activities
  • Study by Distance Education lessons
  • Travel to school by bus or private vehicle (daily, weekly or at the end of term)
  • Board away from home to access primary or secondary school at a boarding school, Agricultural high school, hostel, private board or maintain a second home.
  • Attend Tertiary studies at University or TAFE colleges

From Pre-school to Tertiary ICPA may be able to help you!

Are you aware that many boarding schools offer scholarships to children of ICPA members?


ICPA seeks to achieve equality of access to educational opportunities for geographically isolated students living in rural and remote areas by way of government funded allowances to compensate for the costs incurred in gaining access to an appropriate educational facility. The last increase in the AIC allowance was gained through the persistent lobbying by State and Federal Councils.


Membership entitles you to copies of our quarterly newsletter “Top Wire” and the national magazine “Pedals”. Details of scholarships, allowances and information that affect your child’s education are found in “The Top Wire”. When you join you will be kept informed on the activities of ICPA and the education providers as well as Government decisions. State Council members are all volunteers but are happy to give advice on individual problems. They receive no remuneration for their time but are happy to help you access an education for your child regardless of where you live. ICPA supports both government and non-government systems of education.

HOW DO I JOIN?      

Contact one of the following State Council members for details of your local branch.

President:   Mr David Cameron 53 Cameron’s Lane Rowena 2387 Ph 0267 96 5166

Secretary:   Mrs Helen Rogers “Yarto” Booligal 2711 Ph 0269 93 8151

Assistant Secretary: Mrs Trish Williams “Magenta” Balranald 2715 ph 0350 20 6840

Boarding Schools, AG High Schools & Hostels Convenor: Mrs Sharne Dutton “Urunda”

Hermidale 2831 Ph: 0268 33 0638

Lone Member Officer: Mrs Meg Pawley “Bonny Rigg” Bellata 2397 Ph 02 67 965148

Allowances Convenor: Mr David Cameron 53 Cameron’s Lane Rowena 2387 Ph 0267 96 5166

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