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Firefighters save a little kitten's life with CPR after she stopped breathing while being rescued from a storm drain

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A tiny kitten has used one of its nine lives after being rescued from a storm drain and given CPR.

The firefighters rescued the kitten and resuscitated him after noticing he wasn't breathing, in Wee Waa, rural New South Wales. 

The crew strapped an oxygen mask on to the kitten and wrapped it in a fireman's jacket as it miraculously recovered.   

How You Can Become financially Flexible in 2019

Julian Parsons - Sydney

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As the federal elections approach and the financial year comes to a close, now is a good time to assess the state of your finances and plan your route towards financial stability. Whether you are planning your financial future or retirement or are thinking of the short and long-term financials of your business, financial flexibility is important to have in order to be secure. 

NSW water woes worsen with river to dry up as tomato town faces crisis

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The drought gripping much of NSW is tightening, forcing authorities to prepare to cut flows along a major river in the north west, while job losses loom as towns in the Northern Tablelands start to dry.

WaterNSW on Monday will announce that unless conditions improve, regulated flows along the Macquarie River below the town of Warren will cease from early spring to prioritise water supplies for towns and key users.

ICAC seeks comment on lobbying conduct and regulation in NSW

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The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) is seeking public input as part of a new investigation it is conducting into the regulation of lobbying, access and influence in NSW (Operation Eclipse).

The Commission released a discussion paper today, Enhancing the democratic role of direct lobbying in NSW, which, amongst other matters, addresses principles of transparency, integrity and fairness concerning or associated with lobbying practices in NSW. The Commission engaged academics Dr Yee-Fui Ng, Senior Lecturer, Monash University Faculty of Law, and Professor Joo-Cheong Tham, Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne, to prepare the discussion paper, which invites respondents to address questions based around the main principles.

The discussion paper is appended to an introductory paper, The regulation of lobbying access and influence in NSW: a chance to have your say, which also explains how to make a submission. In this paper, ICAC Chief Commissioner the Hon Peter Hall QC notes that lobbying, when conducted on proper lines, can have beneficial outcomes. However, it could also be argued that “lobbying might lead to decisions by government and/or public officials in circumstances of unjustified secrecy, where processes are sometimes criticised as lacking transparency or accountability, while particular groups or the public generally are denied the opportunity of being heard.”


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