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We need to support those who are supporting our Farmers

Roy Butler, Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party MP

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Rural Financial Counsellors are the link between drought stricken farmers and government support.

There is an alarming rate of turnover and vacancies within these financial counselling positions that would appear to be due to the under resourcing and lack of support for these crucial roles.

Currently Rural Financial Counsellors are effectively hosted by the State Government and funded by the Commonwealth Government, this arrangement has varied over the life of this important service.

We bought a farm to have more family time. We're risking it all to join a natural farming revolution

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About a year ago, the purchase of two dairy cows led to the discovery of a revolution in our paddocks.

My partner and I, two young farmers, learned we could rehabilitate the natural environment by the way we farm.

But the stakes were high — making the switch from conventional to conservation farming could send us broke.

So we set out to meet a network of regenerative farmers who are working with nature to eliminate the use of chemicals, revegetate their land, reduce carbon emissions and encourage the return of native plant and animal species.

The lure of a new approach

Our property, on the outskirts of Narrabri in north-west New South Wales, is about 130 acres of mostly farmed-up country.

There are very few trees but we have beautiful black soil and a stunning view of the mountain range to our east.


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Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party MP Roy Butler has expressed his disappointment in the NSW Government’s budget announcement’s today.

“The Berejiklian Government has celebrated its operating surplus and its record investment in infrastructure across the state and that’s all good - if you forget that western NSW is also part of the state.”

The Barwon electorate is 44% of the state, but hasn’t had a significant school or hospital upgrade funded in this budget.

“All I am seeing in this budget is a continuation of record neglect of western NSW,” Mr Butler said.

North West Local Land Sevices - Newsletter and Workshops coming up

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Local Land Services Newsletter is packed with information and Services available across the region. Workshops and help is available for those struggling with the dry times. Feel free to reach out to the new staff in Narrabri, have a read of the Newsletter for items that just might help. 

Better water on the Way

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A better water supply for Narrabri is in the pipeline as council staff and contractors move towards completion of the major $10.4 million Narrabri water supply augmentation project.

The tender, one of the biggest let by the council in recent years, was announced in September 2018 and the project has proceeded smoothly.

The water ugrade, the product of four years’ investigation and planning, will underwrite a quality water supply at one of the lowest costs in the state, the council general manager Stewart Todd said when the contract was let.


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