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People and Lifestyles

Wee Waa is a community united in support, support of worthwhile causes, support of new investments and developments, support in times of need and support on the sporting fields and in local political arenas.

Wee Waa is also a centre of diversity, diverse in culture, individual interests, business orientation, employment opportunities, sporting pursuits and lifestyle choice.

Synonymous with rural living is the love of the outdoors and physical activity. The lifestyle of residents is enhanced by the multitude of sporting, social, church and special interest groups, clubs and societies maintained by the popularity they generate.

From an everyday perspective Wee Waa well caters for residents in terms of educational facilities, boasting registered day care facilities, one preschool, three primary schools and one public high school. Various TAFE and adult education programs are run on a short course basis dependent upon demand.

Other community based services include a 33 bed hospital, 2 medical practitioners, a physiotherapist, pharmaceutical services, an ambulance service, visiting radiologists and specialists. Wee Waa Health Centre provides services to the general public as well as offering home care, organised health programs and health education services. Weeronga Aged Care Hostel and Karinga are provided for the well being of our more elderly and dependent residents with Weeronga being permanently staffed.

The business acumen of Wee Waa is second to non. Business conducted in Wee Waa is of local, regional and international significance. Expertise can be found in the areas of marketing, engineering, manufacturing, agricultural consultancy and business management. Many organizations provide industry support to the agricultural undertakings of the district.

Retail and service based businesses are extensive, however there are opportunities for retail, tourism and industrial enterprises to take advantage of the significant resources of the area.

Seasonal employment opportunities are available in both the wheat and cotton industries, particularly during the wheat harvest in November/ December and cotton picking or ginning from April through to July. Generally the only prerequisite for work in these areas is the ability to display the work ethic that ensures the success of the wheat and cotton harvests in Wee Waa year after year.