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Schwagers Bore and the Salt Caves and Lookout Tower

Pilliga Nature Reserve
83kms South of Narrabri on the Newell Highway (8kms South of No 1 Break Road Turn) The Sandstone Caves are located in the Pilliga Nature Reserve, these caves are an excellent example of caves formed by the actions of wind and water on cliffs of soft sandstone.

The Pilliga Nature Reserve provides a habitat for a range of threatened species including Malle fowl, Pilliga Mouse, Swift Parrot, Regent Honeyeater, Blacked striped Wallaby and many more. The Pilliga Scrub consists of Open Forests and woodland Communities dominated by Eucalyptus, Angophora and Callitris Trees. Brown Bloodwood, Black pine and narrow leaved ironbark and the dominant tree species seen along the walking track to the caves.

There is a simple Picnic Area but No camping or Lighting Fires is allowed. As you walk around the Hill you will find a number of caves including one which is closed and undergoing preservation. There are indications of Aboriginal habitation in this cave – grinding marks and artwork in sandstone.

This is a Medium walk 1.7kms return ( The track surface is loose so please wear sturdy footwear) Please leave everything as you find it No Rubbish Bins are provided so please take your rubbish home Stay on the walking track – the caves are fragile Please respect the area GPS Reading S 31 00 555 E 149 24 489 To Car Park entrance.

The Salt Caves and The Aloes Ensure that you obtain a Pilliga Scrub Map Dry weather Roads Only Many kilometres of unsealed road Many kilometres of driving in remote areas, ensure you have plenty of fuel and water etc before setting off on this tour and it is advisable to let someone know of your travel plans Always check with the visitors centre before doing this tour.

Option 1
South on the Newell Highway towards Coonabarabran approximately 31kms Turn right onto the Pilliga Forest Way to Lucky Flat approximately 15ksm. Continue on the Pilliga Forest Way until you arrive at Schwagers Bore Follow the Pilliga Forest Way approximately 8 kms and turn left into line road where the road will take you to the salt caves. To continue onto the Aloes follow the Wellyard Road to Coxes Crossing Turn onto the Aloes Road follow through to the aloes From the Aloe you can continue on to Kenebri on the Pilliga Forest Way Road or follow the Cumbil Road onto Baradine.

Option 2
From the Australia Telescope continue on this road until you reach the Cross Roads Turn left onto the Wee Waa Road and Follow through onto Twenty Foot Road then onto to The Pilliga Forest Way to Schwagers Bore Continue as per Option 1 directions

Option 3
From Wee Waa Follow the Pilliga Road to Cuttabri Take the Cuttabri Road and turn into Cumbil Road and follow the aloes Continue to the salt caves by following the Aloes Road to Coxs Crossing Join Wellyard Road, which follows through to the Salt Caves To return to Narrabri Follow line Road to the Pilliga Forest Way, Schwager bore and Lucky Flat to the Newell Highway.

You can search the Google Maps here but this is not the correct map to take with you