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Major Attractions in Wee Waa

Tourism in the Wee Waa district is a developing industry with much potential. Existing facilities catering for tourism in the Wee Waa vicinity include 2 Caravan parks, 2 motels, 2 hotels, a Bowling Club and a Golf Club. A tourism facility has been recently established at KateS on Web at the Western end of town near the clock tower, and most shops have lots of information on what is in and around Wee Waa for visitors. Here you will find lots of information on local activities.

The many attractions and experiences to be gained from a visit to the Wee Waa district often relate to the agricultural activity of the area. Tours of ginning sites and the classing room within the area are immensely popular during the cotton picking season. It is hoped cotton tours will be back on the agenda shortly.

You dont always need to stay in Narrabri and do a tour, you can stay at some very out of the way peaceful spots in and around Wee Waa just ask the local shop owners, Wee Waa is a very friendly place with Boutique Shopping a must. Why not come and see for yourself what is on offer?

Other local attractions popular with both residents and tourists include Yarrie Lake, the Burren and Pilliga bore baths, Pilliga Forest Salt Caves and the Australia Telescope.

For more information on what is available in the rest of the Heart of the North West visit the Narrabris Region Tourism website.