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Area Development

On a regional scale Wee Waa is encompassed by Regional Development Australia - Northern Inland NSW. This entity undertakes the promotion of the region as a whole in terms of profiling the investment prospects, resources, economic status, community services and tourism potential of the entire region.

Wee Waa is within the local government area of the Narrabri Shire Council. Recent initiatives undertaken by the shire within Wee Waa include upgrading of the town levee, which is designed to protect the town from flooding, and major road and drainage improvements within the town and in particular to the growing industrial sector. A new bridge over the Namoi and the upgrading of the main street have all improved the look of the twon. New housing estates and blocks for housing development have been made available for sale inside the levee bank to accommodate the growing population. Narrabri Shire has also helped the Wee Waa Chamber to develop a number of initiatives and there is new signage and a number of things to happen in the main Street..

It is at a local level through ongoing commitment and contributions of community members and business organizations, both large and small, that Wee Waa derives most of its development capabilities. The drive of community based organizations and the generosity afforded them, has in recent years seen the provision of much needed, quality facilities for We Waa

The Wee Waa Medical Centre, Wee Waa Historical Museum, Weeronga Aged Hostel, the Wee Waa Hospital and the Wee Waa Sporting Complex bear testament to the commitment of the district's people in providing for their own needs. Developments such as these are established to benefit an entire community. Funds for development are often raised through social events and occasions, thereby enriching the social opportunities of Wee Waa residents and visitors alike.

In October of 2000 a Year of the Outback Dinner with Alan Jones was held and over $30,000 was raised for the Medical Centre committee to finish the Wee Waa Medical Centre. Thanks goes to Alan Jones of 2gb Sydney for his great support of this fund raiser and to the local community who attended and supported this wonderful function. To raise this sort of money during a drought should give you an idea of what a great supportive town Wee Waa is. Since this event a number of others have followed to raise funds for those in the community who have suffered either with an illness or a setback. The community is always there to give a hand when needed.  Since then we have seen the launch of Random Access Memories by Darth Punk, we now have a Cotton country Muster held in October and a Motorshow and of course our local Wee Waa Show

From an agricultural development perspective the area is rich in research and analysis activity. In close proximity to Wee Waa is the CSIRO Australian Cotton Research Institute, The University of Sydney Wheat Research Institute and the CSIRO Australia Radio Telescope and Visitors Centre.

Wee Waa has been used to study its resiliance through the drought and how it has bounced back from the 1 in 100 year drought to still be a thriving community. Shops are filling and more businesses are opening up due to the demand of the population growth.

There is not much you cannot get in Wee Waa although there is always room for more.