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Greens Candidate stands down to become an Independent in Parkes
Kate Schwager
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Greens Candidate stands down to become an Independent in Parkes

Hi friends, I suppose most have heard that I have stood aside for the election following public disclosure of a post I made on a Port Arthur conspiracy site on FB, 8 months ago. The Greens found it difficult to refute in this stage of the election which I understand. I really do apologise to all of you who have helped me get this far.

It appears I was targeted by a journo from The Australian using a firm who does handle searches on social media etc, not sure who they are. I really don't think the tragedies of the past need rehashing like this in public view and it must grieve families and survivors of the tragedy to see it being discussed like some political football. I also apologise to those people who are affected in this way, very much.

There is an explanation for why I may have said these things, even though some things attributed to me I did not say and most of what has been said is not what I actually think. So be careful on FB and don't play games even if your intentions are good. 

There is so much more for all of us to do to make this place better and my intention will be to stay on my current path.

Technically now I am an independent candidate for Parkes, even though I may still have a Greens designation on the voting forms. So if you do still vote me (out of pity perhaps!) then please direct your preferences to; 2. Independent Landers, 3. Labor, 4. UAP, 5. Lib Dem, 6. Nationals. Please vote Greens first in the Senate. Thank you.

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