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Roy's Round-Up 6 June 2020
Kate Schwager

Roy's Round-Up 6 June 2020

It’s been a big week in Parliament. 

The Coal Seam Gas Moratorium Bill came on incredibly fast in the Legislative Assembly. Thank you for your public support of the position we took, it helps to show that Government members are out of touch with community sentiment. 

The next opportunity to raise concerns is through the Independent Planning Commission process. I will be making a submission, advocating for the strongest possible protection of groundwater for the sake of communities and agriculture. I encourage you to do the same. 

Please maintain your vigilance with COVID-19 public health messages, especially with people from outside of our communities returning to our towns. 

Please stay safe, be good neighbours and be thankful every day that you live in regional NSW.

- Roy

NSW Parliament House

Government votes against better protection for vital groundwater

Last week I followed through on commitments I made to you all throughout my election campaign. I remained true to my word that I would not support any extractive industry that puts water, our most precious resource at risk.

I am pro-jobs and pro-manufacturing, but if we fail to adequately protect our groundwater, and the communities and industries that rely on it. All the jobs in the world won’t matter. 

And all we have is a promise of a few hundred jobs, but nobody can put a hard number on the amount. I won’t be lectured by a Government that has systemically stripped jobs out of regional NSW, and is looking to support a project to save face.


Roy Butler with NSWNMA NursesSFF blocks Public Sector wage freeze

The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party Upper House Members worked to block a wage freeze for Public Sector workers. This wage freeze would have cost country NSW $792,000,000.

The Government’s decision to try and freeze the wages of nurses, emergency service workers, teachers, and a whole raft of workers who kept services running while they keep us safe in the pandemic, is based around the creation of new jobs and boosting the economy.

When I asked the Treasurer what new jobs would be created in Barwon, or what projects he would be funding he couldn’t give me any assurances.


Wool Track map

Let's get the Wool Track fully sealed

The Wool Track project has been a topic of discussion for many years with the Cobar and Central Darling Shires. The Wool Track is an important regional road between Cobar and Balranald via Ivanhoe.

Sealing this road in full would provide an alternate weather route and open up a new gateway to the far west region of NSW for tourism.


Roy Butler in Parliament

Help us help ourselves - fund agriculture recovery

Many communities are waiting for agriculture to get back into full swing.

COVID-19 stopped our tourist trade, and meant that Government and private sector travel largely ground to a halt. With reduced spends from all groups, small businesses have been hurting - badly.

Now that some areas have had the best rain in years, they are ready to get back into it, but the last few years have left the bank balance pretty low for many farmers.

Agriculture in NSW lost 17,500 jobs in 2017-2018 and 34,000 in 2018-2019. I would really like to see those jobs, and that money back in our economies.

This week in Parliament I called on the Treasures to realise that modest assistance to get farmers back into full agricultural production is one way NSW Government can help us, to help ourselves.


Order of Australia Medal

Congratulations to Barwon's new Order of Australia Medal recipients

As part of the Queen’s Birthday Honours three Barwon women we recognised for their unwavering commitment to their community over many decades. Mrs Julie Dowleans of Wee Waa, Mrs Karen Kemp of Broken Hill, and Mrs Mona Vagg of Ivanhoe were all recognised for their service to the community.

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