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Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party MP Roy Butler has expressed his disappointment in the NSW Government’s budget announcement’s today.


“The Berejiklian Government has celebrated its operating surplus and its record investment in infrastructure across the state and that’s all good - if you forget that western NSW is also part of the state.”


The Barwon electorate is 44% of the state, but hasn’t had a significant school or hospital upgrade funded in this budget.

“All I am seeing in this budget is a continuation of record neglect of western NSW,” Mr Butler said.

“The Budget delivers new metro trains, museums and stadiums for the Sydney, and less than the bare necessities for the communities of the Barwon electorate.

“The NSW Government announced that this Budget was a budget for the bush, and congratulated themselves for their record investment in drought funding.

“I’m disappointed that the Government is congratulating its self on the announcement of more short-term cash loans.

“Short-term cash loans create more debt. More debt is not the solution for farmers or our communities,” Mr Butler said.

“We need to support our farming businesses and communities while they are at their lowest ebb but this is not the way.

“Loans of any kind are a receivable for Government. The future repayment of these loans will just delay the recovery from the drought further.

“The current drought is impacting on businesses that aren’t part of the agriculture supply chain. It’s affecting schools, hospitals, and community services. It’s impacting regional communities with such severity that without proper government assistance many will struggle to recover. 

“If the NSW Government needs help with long-term solutions, all they have to do is pick up the phone and call me.

“Individuals and groups from across the Barwon electorate and the State have approached me with ideas that have the potential to improve the outlook for regional communities. Solutions that cover community business capacity, education, infrastructure, mental health, and rural finan.

“It’s time we listen to what they have to say and work together across political divides to ensure our rural and regional communities are supported

“It’s time we work together to deliver solutions. We need to for the future of  rural and regional NSW.”

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