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Mozzies are everywhere right now – including giant ones and those that make us sick. Here’s what you need to know

Published by The Conversation 18 November 2022

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Like all insects, mosquitoes thrive in warmer weather. But what they really need is water. La Niña rainfall and flooding are providing the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, with numbers exploding in recent weeks.


People are also seeing giant mosquitoes, tiny mosquitoes, and species they haven’t noticed before. Some of these mosquitoes are around every season but their numbers are booming, thanks to the favourable conditions.

Australia has around 300 species of mosquito. So which do you need to look out for?

First, let’s go over some mozzie basics.

John Bowie found guilty in NSW Supreme Court of murdering wife, Roxlyn, 40 years ago

Published by ABC News

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John Bowie has been found guilty of murdering his wife Roxlyn in Walgett 40 years ago.

After just four-and-a-half hours of deliberation, the jury returned a guilty verdict in the Bowie murder trial in the New South Wales Supreme Court.

The 72-year-old stood accused of murdering his wife Roxlyn on or about June 5, 1982, while the couple lived in Walgett in north-west New South Wales with their two young children. Her body has never been found.

The jury heard four weeks of crown witnesses before finding the accused guilty.

The offender maintained his innocence for 40 years, telling the court he came home from the pub on the night of Saturday, June 5, 1982, to find his wife missing and their two children asleep in their beds.

By air or water, school show goes on

Published by NSW Department of Education

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Widespread NSW flooding has seen staff and students use innovative transport solutions to get to school. Linda Doherty and Kerrie O’Connor report.

When Kate Slack-Smith, relieving principal of remote Burren Junction Public School, got stranded by floodwaters, a local farmer and former student came to the rescue to fly her home in his six-seater aircraft.

Mrs Slack-Smith touched down on a farm airstrip to lead her school of 35 students, most of whom have kept attending - rain, hail or shine despite the tiny town, 50 kilometres west of Wee Waa, being surrounded by floods.

Teachers have been hitching a ride on the Wee Waa SES boat to cross the Namoi River and reach the school bus. For farm kids, gum boots have been at the ready to wade through paddocks or into town. Four-wheel-drive buggies are the only way for many farming families to get to school.

Floods and other emergencies can be extra tough for people with dementia and their carers. Here’s how to help

Published by The Conversation 26th October 2022

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As we write from New South Wales’ Northern Rivers region, other parts of eastern Australia are facing conditions that recall uncomfortable memories from the 2017 floods and those in March this year. Many people are fatigued and still coming to terms with those devastating natural disasters.

We know from previous research people with pre-existing mental health conditions and poorer health are more likely to live in flood zones.

Everything you need to know about Labor’s first budget in 6 charts

Published by The Conversation 26 October 2022

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Jim Chalmers’ first speech as treasurer outlines the enormity of the global economic situation – inflation, energy and supply chain issues, and a continuing war in Europe – and signposts that this is a budget that’s much more about what he’s taking away (or reallocating) than new announcements.

It’s not often we get two budgets in the one year, and this one is in stark contrast to the Coalition’s before the election.


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