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How to Get the Perfect Spray Tan Before Your Wedding

How to Get the Perfect Spray Tan Before Your Wedding

Do you have a wedding on the horizon?

First things first...CONGRATULATIONS!

Now, onto the most important question - are you spray tanned ready?!

Looking beautiful on your big day is more than a matter of self-confidence. When you’ll look back on the photos for a lifetime, feeling sexy in your skin is super important.

It’s common in 2019 for women getting married to get a spray tan to ensure that they have a healthy glow when walking down the aisle in a stunning wedding gown.

When you want to look like you just spent hours on the beach, you can get a spray tan that looks flawless and natural (without any risk of sun damage).

Follow the tips below to achieve the perfect tan and look as stunning as you should on your wedding day.


Tip #1 - Exfoliate Your Skin

Remember to exfoliate your skin before you head out to get a spray tan done.

The purpose of exfoliating your skin is to get rid of all the dead skin that has been accumulating for quite some time.

If you get rid of all that dead skin, your body will naturally feel so much smoother and it will make for an even better canvas when it is time for you to have the spray tan applied to different areas of the body, including your legs, arms, stomach, and face.


Tip #2 - Shave Beforehand

Along with exfoliating your skin, you should shave before you decide to get your spray tan.

Shaving directly after getting the tan could leave you with some random splotches of skin that are much lighter than the rest of your body.

Some women like to get waxed before their special day. If you are going to get waxed, do so at least a day or two before you decide to get the spray tan. If you are going to shave, you should do it in the shower right before you use an exfoliating scrub on the body.


Tip #3 - Wear a Loose Shirt and Pants

Try not to wear clothes that are going to fit too tightly after you have been sprayed down with the tanning solution.

If your clothes are a bit too tight, the solution can get on the clothes, causing a lot of staining and damage to them. It is better to wear a loose shirt and a loose pair of pants that you do not care about just in case anything does get on these items.

You should even avoid wearing a bra!

With an exclusive tip for brides-to-be, Sydney celebrant Fiona King says, “many brides-to-be think the spray tan should take precedence over other beauty tips. However, try and get your mani/pedi out of the way before your spray tan. You don’t want to be trying to get your nails done with a tan that isn’t fully developed.”


Tip #4 - Do Not Shower Too Soon

If you get in the shower too soon, you could end up washing your spray tan right off, which would be a complete waste of your time and money.

Make sure to ask the person who does your spray tan about showering to find out when it is safe to do so without compromising the quality of your spray tan.

It is usually best for you to wait at least eight hours, but many people will wait until the next day before they decide to get in the shower and get their bodies wet.

For extra confidence, celebrant Darran Moran suggests getting your tan at least once before the wedding. He says “to make your process stress-free, it pays to be prepared. Many brides get a spray tan at least 4 weeks before the wedding to gauge the colour, how it impacts their foundation, their dress and so on. Then, a second spray tan occurs 2 to 3 days before the wedding. This reduces stress and ensures you look as glowing as you should without any surprises.”


Tip #5 - Try Not to Rub Your Body

When you get out of the shower, you are probably in the habit of rubbing your body dry with the towel.

However, doing this can cause some of the spray tan to get on the towel, leaving you with random patches on your body and creating an uneven tan. If you need to dry yourself off, do so gently by grabbing a towel and pressing it against the body in a patting motion.


Tip #6 - Keep Your Skin Hydrated

If you add moisture to your skin, you can keep that sun-kissed glow a bit longer. You can even use a daily tanning moisturiser that deposits some colour into the skin while keeping it smooth, healthy, and rejuvenated.

It is a good idea to use a moisturiser at least once in the morning, once in the middle of the day, and then one last time before you get into bed for the night to keep skin healthy and smooth while maintaining your tan even longer.

You can even pack moisturiser in a bag and take it with you wherever you go.

You should always make sure that you are still applying sunscreen to your body, too.

According to Geelong wedding celebrant Jermaine Clarke, it’s important to remember that you can get a tan while you have a spray tan. He explains, “while you have this amazingly beautiful tan that is artificial yet still looks natural, you can still end up getting a real tan while out in the sun. I’ve seen countless brides to assume their new tan will protect them from the sun, and at the end of an outdoor wedding, end up redder than the merlot they were drinking! So use sunscreen to get the best of both worlds.”

And, you certainly do not want to get burnt a few days before your wedding, so always apply sunscreen before you go out.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be perfectly prepared to tackle your dream wedding, looking and feeling amazing.

Do you know any spray tan tips we missed?

Let us know in the comments!

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