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New Fridge Technology: Recognising Their Innovation
Julian Parsons

New Fridge Technology: Recognising Their Innovation

How many fridges have you gone through?

From old white fridges covered in magnets, to new silver appliances with built-in touch screen displays and other fancy technologies…

Over the years we’ve seen huge innovation in fridge technology.

We’ve seen awesome developments like touch screen displays, but also some questionable decisions that greatly affect the mornings of millions of Aussies…

Here are 4 ways fridges have changed over the years


#1. Advanced technology

The technology that was once reserved for computers, is now available for your fridge. In fact, the computing power of your fridge is stronger than the computers you had only years ago.

Some fridges even have iPad like displays that you can use to watch YouTube videos, listen to podcasts, stream Spotify, and perform almost any action your actual tablet can.

There are also awesome additions like built-in cameras, so you can check what’s in your fridge whenever and wherever you are. Whether you’re chilling in bed thinking about a midnight snack, or if you’re out grocery shopping and forgot what you have in the fridge…This is one feature that’ll definitely prove useful.

Sounds good, right? Hold on.

There are also negative aspects to this new technology. Let’s use Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator as an example.

While this fridge has technology like shopping lists and built-in cameras, this gives companies a way to reach us directly in our own homes. If the companies building these fridges gain partnerships with supermarkets, they can push specific products to us consumers.

Plus, there are heaps of straight-up unnecessary features (like a 'leftovers Tinder', swiping left and right on the food in your fridge).


2. Disappearance Of Butter Compartments

Love a nice butter and vegemite toast in the morning?

You’ve made your coffee, toasted your bread, and now it’s time to spread some delicious butter over it…

Except, with your new fridge which lacks a butter compartment, you find yourself tearing up your toast and unable to get an even spread. You’ve been suffering from this every morning and you tried everything. If you leave it on the counter, you wake up to a puddle of butter.

While fridges used to have special compartments designed to keep butter at the optimal temperature to spread easily – newer fridges are dropping this essential feature. The reasoning is that these compartments decrease the effectiveness of the fridge as a whole.

The only alternative we’re left with now is to chuck it in the fridge door and hope for the best (this is apparently the warmest part of the fridge).

If you ignore the lack of storage for one of your favourite breakfast foods, new fridges are still pretty impressive.

There are features like automatic defrosting, individually controlled temperature zones, notification alarms, and so much more.

Some advice from fridge rental experts, is to “make a list of features you need and features that would be nice. Find a fridge that meets all the needs and is within your budget. Then let your wants narrow it down further”.


#3. Increased Storage

Overpacked fridges used to be a daily occurrence. A constant test for your Tetris skills, as you try to manoeuvre your groceries into the safest possible spot in your fridge (and hope nothing falls out when you open it).

But with newer double door fridges spanning our entire wingspan, it’s become easier to store enough food for a weekend BBQ with the family.

Plus, there are beautiful new colours to get your fridge in. Instead of the basic white or silver, there is also glass and other customised designs.


#4. Increased Efficiency

With increasing importance placed on energy efficiency over the years, manufacturers of fridges have invested heavily in this area.

Nowadays, you’re able to enjoy technology-packed fridges which are even more energy-efficient than the plain ones a decade ago.

This means you can enjoy better fridges and spend less on electricity at the same time.

According to On Tap Plumbing And Gas, more homes are getting these new fridges, noting that “there have been more calls for fridge plumbing services, requesting water lines to be connected to their ice maker and water filter”.

How this new technology works

In traditional fridges, a compressor will control the temperature when a specific threshold is reached. Once the desired temperature is reached, it’ll turn off again. This will repeat and lead to extremely inefficient energy usage.

In modern fridges, a new technology called an inverter compressor is used. While this is on all the time, it doesn’t use as much energy for each little burst the previous technology needed.

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