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Wee Waa Long Table Weave – 17th December, 2019

Published on Friday, December 06, 2019

Wee Waa Long Table Weave – 17th December, 2019

All Wee Waa and surrounding area residents are invited to attend the upcoming Wee Waa Long Table Weave event on the 17th December 2019 held in Rose Street during the Mardi Gras form 6pm.

The Wee Waa long table weave is funded by the Empowering Rural Communities PHN Hunter New England & Central Coast and hosted by QOE Health to harness the richness of the community through creating conversations and connections between community members.

"Building a strong and supportive community environment is a critical factor in achieving and maintaining good mental health particularly during times when natural disasters like the current  drought hit country folk hard" says Sam Robb , Project Manager QOE Health. "There is no one recipe for this to occur with local solutions needed to fix local problems" stated Reenie Montgomery, QOE Health Director. "But common themes emerge and, particularly while mental health services are languishing, governments and communities need to focus their energies and investments into the things that really make a difference in people’s lives." 

The Hunter New England & Central Coast Primary Health Network has funded QOE Health to facilitate the highly successful Long Table Weaving initiative at Wee Waa. Collaborative commitment of The QOE Health Team, Wee Waa community groups such as Wee Waa Chamber Of Commerce and Wee Waa CWA working together to support the community capacity building initiative. 

The Long Table Weave event facilitated by QOE Health offers the general public an opportunity to stop by and try their hand at weaving on the long table. The relatively simple “loom” being set up in the main street of Wee Waa during the Christmas Mardi Gras will result in a community masterpiece being weaved by many local hands using recycled & upcycled materials both natural grasses, leaves and other mediums such as scrap materials, ribbons and rope - all being sourced from the local environment and locals whom contributed to the weave - The Wee Waa story. 

Ms Anne Maree Gallagher, a well known and high respected Wee Waa local and President of the Wee Waa Chamber of Commerce is pleased to be working with the QOE Health team that brings with them qualified and experienced mental health clinicians, farmers, and stockman and lived experience staff.

The QOE Health team says Anne Maree Gallagher will be working closely with the Wee Waa community to provide a multifaceted approach to supporting people experiencing the complexities of mental ill-health and wellbeing particularly during challenging times such as that experienced by many during the ongoing drought. QOE Health will work closely with the business houses and community groups to promote awareness of mental health services and supports available to assist themselves and others to identify warning sights and access help.  The Wee Waa Chamber of Commerce and the Wee Waa CWA Branch lobbied hard to attract the QOE Health team to the Wee Waa community and assisted in designing the multifaceted approach to support mental health and wellbeing.  The QOE Health Team will also distribute free mental health resource kits packed in quality rain gauges throughout the Wee Waa community and district over the ensuing months at local events. "The rain gauge kits will include information on services available to access when your well-being is a bit 'wobbly.'" said Sam Robb, QOE Health Project Manager. "It is wise to investigate what supports are available to help out with anxiety and depression when you are feeling well, it is much easier to identify pathways to support and wellbeing when you are feeling at your best rather then wait till yourself or someone else you know is struggling" said Sam. 

The Wee Waa weave, once completed will be displayed in Wee Waa alongside a  list of phone numbers and digital Mental Health sites accessible for free & confidential support 24/7. 

"The beauty of the Long table weave" says Toby Montgomery (Project Officer, QOE Health) "is anyone can get involved, regardless of their age or skills - it is an inclusive and a very relaxing activity and a great way of meeting people".

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Author: Kate Schwager

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