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Yarrie Lake Test Bore Update
Kate Schwager

Yarrie Lake Test Bore Update

Wee Waa and Narrabri

With a few stories doing the rounds, I just wanted to clear up a few points. 
• We have permission from the Yarrie Lake Trust to drill a test bore.
• A grant is available to more than cover the cost.
• Drilling to a max depth of 400m to hopefully tap into the warm bore water of the Great Artesian Basin.
•DPI do not see the lake as a fish habitat and have no issue with the project.
• If there is no water found, the pressure is not great enough to get it close to the surface or the water quality puts any landholders property in jeopardy, THE PROJECT WILL BE TERMINATED!
• Studies and consultation will be undertaken if all the above is available.
•Look to install a bore bath to increase tourism for both Wee Waa and Narrabri.
•150ML GAB licence would be sought allowing 150 days of flow over the cooler months
•Overflow to keep the lake topped up ONLY AFTER THE LAKE IS NATURALLY FILLED BY RAIN.
•As an incorporated entity, Narrabri Chamber of Commerce, with help from members of the Wee Waa Chamber will fill out application for grant monies.
•$80,000 raised in the Bore Fundraiser will be used as in kind for any further works.

Feel free to share this exciting news!!!

Great progress, but still a way to go.....

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