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Rainfall in the Namoi January 2020
Kate Schwager

Rainfall in the Namoi January 2020

30 January, 2020

Namoi Flow Update

Significant rainfall has been recorded across the northern valleys over the past month, with falls in the order of 100 to 200mm being recorded across the upper catchments in the northern valleys.

The rainfall in January is a significant improvement with a similar volume of rainfall being recorded over the last 6 months of 2019.

Flows to date
While the rainfall is appreciated, due to the extremely dry conditions that have been experienced during 2019 the catchments across the northern valleys were extremely dry with the majority of the rainfall being absorbed by the dry soils.
There have been some small flows recorded in the upper catchments upstream of Split Rock and Keepit storages.  Flows have not reached Split Rock Dam and limited flows reached Keepit on the 26th January.  Split Rock has recorded 613ML of inflow and Keepit 773ML, which is expected to increase over the next month as flows continue to flow in.
Isolated thunderstorms in the catchment areas below the storages have seen some local runoff but these flows have only impacted small sections of the main river. Over the long weekend, heavy rainfall in the Quirindi Creek catchment area resulted in some significant flows in the upper parts of the Moki catchment.  However, due to the river being dry most of these flows did not reach the Namoi. 
The Peel valley also recorded heavy rainfall over the weekend producing limited flows. These flows have reached the end of the system with the Peel providing inflows to the Namoi since the 26th January.
Storms around Narrabri has also seen some small inflows to the river in this area since the 17th January these inflows have provided river connectivity from Narrabri to Mollee weir but have not provided flows to the lower sections of the Namoi with no flow recorded at Gunidgera weir to date. 

While the rainfall has been a welcome change, significant falls across the valley are required before the Namoi is likely to receive a flow along the length of the river.
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Andrew Scott
Water Systems Operations Manager, North

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