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Press Release - Roy Butler

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The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party put on the table in Parliament a drought package that would provide real support to farmers and farming communities, disappointingly the Government voted against supporting them.

The SFF drought package includes immediate cash grants, to allow creditors to be paid, cash rebates for local government rates, transitioning legacy loans to zero or low interest loans, the establishment of a re-sowing and re-stocking grant and providing financial support for employers to retain employees on farm and in local businesses.

Broken Hill pipeline business case should never have been kept from the public

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“This business case should never have been kept from the public,” says Barwon MP Roy Butler. 

Today after a three-year battle, repeated calls from the community and Members of Parliament the Government has passed on a copy of the business case for the Broken Hill pipeline project.  

“For years the community called for transparency around the pipeline project and the Government didn’t deliver.

“Restricting information on the expenditure of public money, or projects affecting local communities does nothing to build trust in government,” said Mr Butler. 

Man dies on Pilliga Road property at Wee Waa after quad bike accident

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A MAN has died in a quad bike accident near Wee Waa at the weekend.

The man, believed to be aged about 60, died on Sunday morning on a property off Pilliga Road.

Ambulance NSW confirmed two units, as well as the Westpac Rescue Helicopter from Tamworth, were tasked after a triple zero phone call at 11.20am.

Namoi Valley cotton farms sold to local families for $35m

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The sales come amid the $300 million offering of cotton giant Auscott's Midkin aggregation in the Gwydir Valley and with expectations of a smaller cotton crop next year due to the drought.

At 275 Spring Plains Road, Wire Lagoon, a 738 hectare irrigated cotton farm 15 kilometres from Wee Waa has changed hands for $11.4 million.


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The Liberal-National Government has denied regional communities the opportunity for transparency, voting down a motion for a Royal Commission into the Murray-Darling Basin Plan. 

The motion introduced by the Shadow Minister for Water, Clayton Barr to Parliament last night called on the Liberal-National Government to “endorse the position of the NSW National Party Leader and Deputy Premier for a Royal Commission into the Murray Darling Basin Plan for the purpose of openness, transparency and accountability”.

The motion was defeated by three votes (47-44), with Labor and the crossbench voting for it with and The Nationals joining the Liberals to defeat it.


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