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Hot Kitchen Trends This Year

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The kitchen is considered the heart of every home. With everyone forced to stay indoors to slow down the spread of COVID-19, kitchens are seeing more traffic than any place in the house.  In addition to preparing meals, most people prefer to eat, talk, and even work at the kitchen table, a reason you might want to consider a kitchen renovation. Depending on the condition of your kitchen, a few simple upgrades should give it a fresh new look and improved functionality. 

Running a Small Business: How to Reduce Outgoings and Boost Profits

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Do you run a small business?


Among all the challenges of a small business, perhaps the most important to overcome is that of cash flow. Some business owners seek real guidance from those who have survived a similar situation and have experienced big business success in the end.”


Money tips for small businesses can help you thrive in today's tough economy.


These tips represent real ideas to help you lower your overheads and cut your costs while still reaching your target consumer base and growing your business.



5 Ways To Prepare Your Child for Preschool

How to reduce anxiety and replace it with smiles

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Is your little one heading off to preschool soon?

Preparing your child emotionally for pre-school can be a challenge. Between getting them ready (as well as yourself) there are a number of steps you’ll need to take to make sure everyone gets through with as few moments of stress as possible.

Find out here!

5 Driving Tips To Stay Safe At The Roundabout

Some non-Corona Virus advice to get you through the day

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The news is full of Covid-19 right now, but there are other dangers in the world that YOU need to look out for.

One of the greatest dangers comes in the form of your very own car (or someone else’s)

Approximately 40% of all car accidents happen at intersections, with most of these resulting in serious injuries.  

Roundabouts, however, make intersections much safer.

Here's how to stay safe driving around the roundabout.


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