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Crash Near Wee Waa

Wee Waa. ABC New England North West

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The Kamilaroi Highway between Wee Waa and Narrabri is affected in both directions following a crash.

The region's rescue helicopter attended the single vehicle rollover and flew a 79 year old female with multiple injuries to John Hunter Hospital.

A second patient has been flown from Narrabri airport to  a Sydney Hospital by air ambulance.

Wee Waa local John Burgess (John Burgess Photography) has raised an incredible $9,121for Mental Health

Wee Waa

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Wee Waa local John Burgess (John Burgess Photography) has raised an incredible $9,121 for the CRRMH by creating and selling the Cotton Country Kids 2019 calendar.

John has kindly donated the proceeds of the calendar sales with the aim of caring for the mental health of his community. The funds will be spent specifically in Wee Waa, and Moree based Rural Adversity Mental Health Program - RAMHP Coordinator Letitia Cross will work directly with the community to plan some exciting mental health promotion projects.
Pictured is RAMHP's Program Manager Tessa Caton, John Burgess, and several of the wonderful 'Cotton Country Kids' who feature in the calendar.

Greens Candidate stands down to become an Independent in Parkes

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Hi friends, I suppose most have heard that I have stood aside for the election following public disclosure of a post I made on a Port Arthur conspiracy site on FB, 8 months ago. The Greens found it difficult to refute in this stage of the election which I understand. I really do apologise to all of you who have helped me get this far.

It appears I was targeted by a journo from The Australian using a firm who does handle searches on social media etc, not sure who they are. I really don't think the tragedies of the past need rehashing like this in public view and it must grieve families and survivors of the tragedy to see it being discussed like some political football. I also apologise to those people who are affected in this way, very much.

Santos declines NSW Government request for more info about CSG project.

Jamieson Murphy - Northern Daily Leader

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SANTOS has been slammed for refusing to provide the NSW government with the requested information about its coal seam gas development near Narrabri.

The gas giant recently responded to the concerns of various organisations, including 14 government agencies, in its Supplementary Response to Submissions.

In the report, Santos refused more than a dozen specific requests for information and commitments from the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA), the Rural Fire Service, and Narrabri council.

Narrabri farmer and Lock the Gate spokeswoman Sally Hunter said the company had refused the RFS's request to not flare gas during catastrophic bushfire conditions.

"This shows an extraordinary and reckless disregard for the safety of our community," she said.

"Santos has also refused the EPA's request to assess the capacity of landfill facilities to accommodate huge volumes of salt waste with potentially high concentrations of metals and other contaminants.

"It has refused Narrabri council's request that it obtain environmental insurance for offsite and long-term environmental harms, despite this being a recommendation made by the NSW Chief Scientist for all coal seam gas operations."

An NSW Department of Planning and Environment spokesperson said the company's response was being reviewed, in consultation with the relevant government agencies.

"In finalising its assessment, the Department may request additional information from Santos before referring the proposal to the Independent Planning Commission, which will make the final decision," they said.

"The Department wants to ensure a rigorous and comprehensive assessment is undertaken, given the complex nature of the application and the high level of community interest."

Santos did not respond to the Leader's request for comment.


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