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'Anyone but Nats': Rural figures come out against Barnaby Joyce and Nationals

Guardian Gabrielle Chan

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Prominent rural advocates have become increasingly vocal over a potential return of Barnaby Joyce to the National party leadership as the prospect of a concerted independent push in rural areas gains momentum after the Wentworth byelection.

A nascent political movement, Anyone But Nats, has started to run advertising across northern NSW ahead of the 2019 state and federal elections. It has been funded by the IT businessman, Charles Tym, whose family has donated $20,000 to fund 400 advertising spots across regional television stations.

APA shelves project after public resistance

Independent Australia Johanna Evans

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Community resistance from a small town has left the future of a large scale pipeline project in question, writes Johanna Evans.

THE AUSTRALIAN PIPELINE ASSOCIATION (APA) has appeared to shelve their proposal for the high-pressure Western Slopes CSG Pipeline ahead of their upcoming AGM to be held in Sydney on 25 October 2018. The 460km coal seam gas pipeline (also known as “the head of the snake”) will link the Santos Narrabri Gas Project (NGP) to the Moomba/Sydney bi-directional pipeline that takes gas to the Curtis Island LNG plant for export.

In a recent release on their website, APA states:

Narrabri coal seam gas: Santos granted another 1000 days royalty free for exploration wells

The Northern Daily Leader Madeline Link

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SANTOS has been given a further 1000 day royalty-free handout for coal seam gas extraction in Narrabri.

The Coalition and Labor Party voted on Tuesday to grant another 1000 days of royalty-free exploration to the gas giant for 17 wells at its Wilga Park Power Station.

Greens’ MP Jeremy Buckingham’s disallowance motion for what he calls a ‘royalty-free holiday’ was shot down in parliament.

Have you seen Carp in your local waterways

National Carp Survey

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Community help is needed to map carp populations. 

CARPMAP https://carpmap.org.au is an online survey tool to support community surveillance of carp aggregations. Launched by the National Carp Control Plan (NCCP), CARPMAP is being developed by YOU. 

 Photo of Carp
CARPMAP is a joint initiative community surveillance program led by NCCP with support from the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions, the NSW Department of Primary Industries and CSIRO.

Narrabri Shire Council was announced winner of the 2018 A R Bluett Award

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Narrabri Shire Council was announced winner of the 2018 A R Bluett Award last night in a ceremony in Albury; recognised as being the most progressive council in the state.

Described as “the greatest accolade a council can achieve" and "the pinnacle of local government achievement". 

A very proud Mayor and General Manager received the award on behalf of Council. The General Manager stating that it is recognition for the hard work completed over the last few years; acknowledging the leadership of both current Mayor Cathy Redding and immediate past Mayor Conrad Bolton. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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