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Spotlight Winter Publication from Cotton Research and Development.

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Welcome to the Winter edition of CRDC's Spotlight magazine! 

In this edition:

  • Exercise Blueprint: focusing on biosecurity preparedness
  • Cotton & grains collaborating on Helicoverpa control
  • Girls to the front: celebrating women in cotton and science

... plus much more!

Spotlight will be landing in the mailboxes of our subscribers this week: the first week of winter.

'Myley's law': parents of six-year-old quad bike victim want change

Sydney Morning Herald

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Josh Maxwell wants it to be known as "Myley's law": a series of coronial recommendations that, if implemented, could prevent tragedies similar to the one which took the life of his six-year-old daughter.

Myley Maxwell was one of two young passengers on a quad bike being driven by a 13-year-old girl on a property near Narrabri, in the state's west, when it collided with a tree.

She succumbed to head injuries soon after.

"It’s something that we, the family have got to deal with for the rest of our lives. But if we can make change to prevent other children being put in this position, we’ve done our job as parents," Mr Maxwell said outside the NSW Coroner's Court in Lidcombe on Thursday morning.

The grieving North West NSW father's comments came after Deputy State Coroner Elizabeth Ryan handed down her findings following in inquest into Myley's death, among them that adults face criminal prosecution for allowing children under 16 to ride adult-sized quad bikes.

She also recommended the NSW Attorney-General consider introducing legislation making it an offence for adults to allow children to ride any quad bike without a helmet, and legislation making it easier for police to be able to enter properties where they suspected an offence had occurred.

It's time to work together for the future of Barwon - Roy Butler


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This week I had the honour of delivering my inaugural speech in Parliament. An opportunity to talk about my goals for the next four years.  To you the people I represent I restate my election commitments – to work hard and be honest.   
Across the electorate I have met many people who are incredibly passionate about the future of  their  community.  They  want  recognition  that  at  this  moment  in  the  history  of  NSW  the government is faced with a choice. They continue to treat the communities of western NSW in the same manner they have been or they change their focus and reinvigorate the bush.  


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