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Welcome to 2020 - it is certainly off to an unprecedented start, with communities across the length and breadth of the country dealing with fires, and others going into their eighth or ninth year of drought. Add to that relentless dust storms, and the odd flood event - there aren't many places experiencing a 'normal' season.

However, we have also seen Australia's generosity in response to the fires, with an outpouring of support . We have been overwhelmed with the way people want to help, both here in Australia and across the world


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“There is no shortage of gas in Australia, there’s a shortage of common sense in Canberra when it comes to gas export policy and domestic gas reservation policy,” says Member for Barwon, Roy Butler. 

Mr Butler’s comments follow the new energy deal struck by Prime Minister Scott Morrison and NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

Yarrie Lake Test Bore Update

Wee Waa and Narrabri

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With a few stories doing the rounds, I just wanted to clear up a few points. 
• We have permission from the Yarrie Lake Trust to drill a test bore.
• A grant is available to more than cover the cost.
• Drilling to a max depth of 400m to hopefully tap into the warm bore water of the Great Artesian Basin.
•DPI do not see the lake as a fish habitat and have no issue with the project.

5 Simple Habits For a Long and Happy Marriage

Relationship rules you can apply today

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Are you happy in your marriage?

Certain habits will either make or break your relationship. 

Many people, however, only learn how to co-exist with their spouses after they get into a marriage. Making an effort to establish healthy boundaries and habits before getting into a relationship can be the difference between a sad and happy marriage.  


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