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How to Give Your Young Ones the Love and Attention They Need While Working From Home
Colleen Stewart

How to Give Your Young Ones the Love and Attention They Need While Working From Home

It’s no wonder why remote work is becoming increasingly popular, given how it provides employees with extra convenience and flexibility, and can work especially well for parents trying to juggle work and family. However, if you are the parent of a baby or toddler, you know that it's often a struggle to keep an eye on your young one while working. You may feel stretched too thin and unable to give your best to either your job or your child.

Luckily, there is a solution. By staying organised and making strategic choices, you can successfully manage your workload while also being an effective and loving parent. Here are some tips from Narrabri to get you started! 

Be Flexible With Your Office

When juggling kids and work, you may need to take a two-tiered approach to work. First, set up a private workspace in your house for:

  • Work that has an approaching deadline
  • Video calls that require privacy
  • Complicated projects that need focus

Your home office should be cheerful, decluttered, clean, and well-stocked. Ideally, invest in a quality desk, ergonomic chair, and plenty of storage options. To keep the atmosphere positive and conducive to work, eliminate anything that could cause a distraction or elicit negative feelings.

If you want your office to be off-limits to other family members, schedule time there when your child is sleeping or being supervised by another adult. Since you won't be able to seclude yourself in your office for the entire day, you also have to be willing and able to work on the go. For example, use a laptop while your toddler plays nearby or wear your infant in a baby carrier while you catch up on emails.

Set a Schedule

Having a routine is beneficial for your young child because it provides predictability and security. Look at sample schedules to get started, and then track your baby's feedings, sleep habits, and diaper changes to make the necessary adjustments.

A predictable schedule can also improve your job productivity because it enables you to arrange your more intense work projects during your child's sleep times. Also, plan short work breaks throughout the day to attend to your little one's needs. Since these respites reduce stress and increase productivity, both you and your youngster win.

Prioritize Physical Activity

Fresh air and physical activity are healthy for everyone in the family, and luckily, even a 10-minute work break is enough time for a neighbourhood stroll. You can also set up fun indoor activities that allow your toddler to move around while you work nearby.

As an adult, you should also try to squeeze in 30-minutes of moderate-intensity exercise daily to optimise your physical and mental health. If you prefer solitude while working out, try to hit your fitness goal before your young one is up for the day. But if this doesn't work out, get creative and include your baby or toddler in your routine:

  • Load your child into a jogging stroller and hit the pavement
  • Have a dance party with your little one
  • Integrate your baby into your yoga flow
  • Let your toddler play "coach" during your workout

To boost your odds of consistency, choose an activity that is fun for you.

While working from home and caring for a baby or toddler can be challenging, a happy balance is possible. By thinking and planning strategically, you can successfully manage your workload while simultaneously loving and caring for your child.

Narrabri is set in the heart of the rich Namoi Valley, in North West NSW, Australia. To learn more, call 0407 665 357.

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