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Growing Communities Are Ones That Put People First

Growing Communities Are Ones That Put People First

Featured Writer Colleen Stewart

A growing community is one that uses a people-first way of thinking and designing. Businesses that put the safety, well-being, and happiness of the people in their community will continue to grow and thrive right along with the community they serve. Today, Narrabri shares some of the many ways business owners and residents can contribute to the safety, functionality, and attractiveness of their shared community.

A Community Garden

Community gardens are a great way to get your neighbours, friends, and family members involved in gardening. It also helps you to connect with nature and improve the health of your community. And it helps to increase the property value of your home, provides opportunities for local farmers and gardeners, helps people get involved in the community and be more active, reduces hunger by providing fresh affordable produce, and improves mental health by helping people connect with nature.

The first step in starting a community garden is deciding what you want to grow, like herbs, vegetables, or flowers. Once you've decided on what type of plants you want to grow, it's time for the next step: finding space for your garden. You can look at local land trusts that have plots of land available for rent or purchase. If you're looking for something more flexible than that, then consider renting out a vacant lot or even buying one if it's available in your area.

Renovating Vacant Spaces

Sometimes retail buildings become vacant because it was the wrong location, the business failed, or for any number of reasons. Because these spaces have open floor plans and plenty of parking, transforming them into public or private schools or fire and police facilities can revitalise the entire area, lowering crime and increasing the value of the surrounding businesses. Or they can be transformed into housing. Transforming old buildings into housing is nothing new, but it is becoming a growing trend in a lot of cities right now, with factories, hotels, schools, and warehouses the most popular to repurpose into affordable housing.

Accessible Playgrounds

A playground has many benefits for a community. They are not just places for children to play but also places where adults can socialise and exercise. They also provide opportunities for people to learn about different cultures and traditions through games and activities.

The accessibility of these parks is important because it allows people with disabilities to enjoy the same benefits as everyone else, which in turn helps them get more involved in their communities. An accessible playground should have a variety of surfaces and equipment to accommodate the needs of all types of children, including those with physical and sensory impairments.

Bicycle Sharing

Reducing pollution and traffic congestion and encouraging better health through increased bicycle usage are wonderful goals for any community. The introduction of bike-sharing services has led to a new way of transportation for people. In order to make it more accessible and friendly, though, it is important to make changes in some of the infrastructures.

Put up signs indicating that bicycles are allowed in certain areas. This will also help deter people from parking their cars in places where they shouldn't be. Keep the bike lane clear of debris and other obstructions so that it is easy for cyclists and pedestrians to pass through it safely without having to swerve around obstacles. And install bicycle racks throughout the community.

Business Crime Watch Programs

Small businesses should have security cameras and a sign right at the front entrance that says so. Criminals have told the police that they tend to stay out of places with cameras. It’s also advised that alarms be set up through the business owner’s cell phone, so if someone clips the phone wire, it will automatically set off the alarm and send a message to the designated cell phone. If you’re a business owner, join your town’s Business Crime Watch program. If there isn’t one, work with the police to create one.

Making your community a safer, more attractive, and people-friendly place means growth for everyone, from businesses to schools to local governments. By reducing crime and increasing the sense of community, everyone wins!

Narrabri is a thriving, modern country town that serves as the headquarters for two major agricultural research stations. kate@katesonweb.com.au

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