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Yarrie Lake Test Bore Update

Wee Waa and Narrabri

Kate Schwager 0 8633 Article rating: 5.0

With a few stories doing the rounds, I just wanted to clear up a few points. 
• We have permission from the Yarrie Lake Trust to drill a test bore.
• A grant is available to more than cover the cost.
• Drilling to a max depth of 400m to hopefully tap into the warm bore water of the Great Artesian Basin.
•DPI do not see the lake as a fish habitat and have no issue with the project.

5 Simple Habits For a Long and Happy Marriage

Relationship rules you can apply today

Julian Parsons 0 8965 Article rating: 3.7

Are you happy in your marriage?

Certain habits will either make or break your relationship. 

Many people, however, only learn how to co-exist with their spouses after they get into a marriage. Making an effort to establish healthy boundaries and habits before getting into a relationship can be the difference between a sad and happy marriage.  

3 Things You Must Consider Before You Book Your Next Snow Holiday

Written by David Green

David Green 0 11543 Article rating: 4.4


Booking a trip to the snow can be a daunting task. It can feel like there are a million different options with so many variables that layer over the top. Getting the right advice can also be tough. Now to put all of those things aside, these are the 3 key things you need to consider before you book your next snow holiday (and have a blast).

Seven (Surprising) Health Benefits Of Drinking Wine

That will inspire you to pour a glass

Julian Parsons 0 10657 Article rating: 5.0

We have all heard that one glass of wine from time to time isn’t bad for health, but how exactly does wine contribute to health? 

The answers appear to be almost endless as new studies continue to continually back up the health benefit claims of drinking wine moderately. 

From attacking cancer cells to a decreased mortality rate, a glass of wine a day has proven to be good for your body both now and in the long run. 

By sipping a glass of chilled white or red wine, here is how you will be helping your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.


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